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I know all too well how it goes…

You're just getting settled into a new place…new routines, new schools or day care, and a new opportunity comes along that is a career move. Speaking of move, that's exactly what you're going to do. And while that's exciting, it can be exhausting for the whole family. Let me help you. Whether you're moving away from Nashville or into the Nashville area. I have an entire team to help with the relocation process.

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My Story

Justin Grimm and I moved to Nashville in 2017, a year after Justin pitched for the Chicago Cubs in the World Series and won!


That year I was able to spend time studying real estate when not on the road with Justin. But there’s been a lot of “on the road.” From Kansas City (Royals) to Seattle (Mariners) to Cleveland (Indians) to Oklahoma City (Dodgers AAA) to Louisville Bats (Cincinnati AAA) to Milwaukee (Brewers).

Nashville is Justin’s home base for training during the off season. He's currently pitching for the Oakland A's. 


What being on the road has taught me about real estate is that to move quickly you have to act quickly.


I got my license and now I enjoy helping other pro athletes make the next move. I'm especially proficient at assessing the situation and making a strategic plan for sellers and buyers (and their entire families) to accomplish their goals on a specific timeline.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Cell: (630) 779-2417  \  Office: (615) 327-4800

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